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Block Height

Block height refers to the number of existing blocks connected in the blockchain.

"Block Height" is a term that may not roll off the tongue of an average investor, but it plays an integral role in understanding the mechanisms of blockchain technology. Block Height refers to the number of blocks succeeding the genesis block (the very first block) in the blockchain. It is, in essence, the length of the blockchain.

Additionally, Block Height plays a vital role in blockchain forks – a scenario where a blockchain diverges into two potential paths forward. In such instances, Block Height helps in determining which path, or fork, a node will follow.

Block Height refers to the number of blocks in the chain and not the physical storage size of the blockchain.

In Bitcoin, the Block Height has a direct impact on mining rewards. Every 210,000 blocks, approximately every four years, the mining reward is halved – a phenomenon known as 'Bitcoin halving.'


The Bitcoin blockchain had a block height of over 680,000 as of mid-2021. Today, July of 2023, the block height is over 799,000


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