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A person or entity to whom money is owed.

In financial and accounting terms, a creditor is an entity to whom money is owed. In crypto accounting, a creditor could be a crypto lender or a participant in a DeFi lending protocol who is owed repayments.

In finance, a creditor is an entity (can be a bank, company, or individual) that lends money or provides credit to another entity, known as a debtor. This often occurs in the form of a loan. The debtor is then obligated to repay the money, usually with interest, at a future date as stipulated in the terms of the agreement. In the context of crypto accounting, a creditor can also refer to a party that lends cryptocurrency to another party.


  • A user who has lent Ethereum through a DeFi protocol is a creditor.
  • For instance, if you obtain a Bitcoin loan from a lending platform, the platform becomes your creditor. You're obligated to repay the loan based on the terms you agreed upon.


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