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In the context of crypto, an output refers to the destination for a transaction, an output is the designation of the receiver's address and the amount sent.

In blockchain terminology, an output refers to the destination of a cryptocurrency transaction. Each transaction consists of one or more inputs and outputs. The output designates the receiver's address and the amount of cryptocurrency sent. It's important to note that the amount of cryptocurrency in the input must equal the amount in the output, considering any transaction fees. If the input amount is greater than what's intended to send, the transaction will create two outputs—one to the receiver and one back to the sender, known as "change".


Consider a Bitcoin transaction where a user sends 1 BTC to another user, but the input contains 2 BTC from the sender's wallet. The transaction will create two outputs: 1 BTC to the receiver and the remaining (approximately 1 BTC minus any transaction fees) back to the sender as "change"


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