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REKT is slang for "wrecked". In crypto trading, it refers to a trader who has suffered significant losses. For crypto accounting purposes, such losses may be relevant for calculating net asset values and any potential tax implications.

It is commonly used in online gaming and internet culture to describe being soundly defeated or dominated. The term is often used humorously or sarcastically to express a sense of defeat or failure. For example, if a player loses a game by a significant margin, they may jokingly say they got "rekt."

In the context of cryptocurrency slang, "rekt" is often used to describe a severe financial loss resulting from a bad trade or investment. It is used to express the idea of being financially devastated or ruined. When someone experiences significant losses in the cryptocurrency market, they may refer to themselves as being "rekt."

Additionally, "rekt" can also be used to describe an asset that has significantly lost its value or a market that has experienced a sharp decline. For instance, if a cryptocurrency token that was initially acquired through an initial coin offering (ICO) is later traded at a much lower price, it can be said that the token got "rekt," and this loss would also impact investors who hold the token, known as "bagholders."


A trader who lost a significant amount of money trading an altcoin and got "REKT"


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