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Blockchain Explorer

A tool to view data or transactions on a blockchain.

Blockchain explorers are online tools that allow users to inspect and analyze the workings of a blockchain. They offer a human-readable form of access to the data contained within a blockchain's ledger. This can include transaction history, balances of addresses, the history of certain blocks, and more.

Here are a few primary uses for a blockchain explorer:

  1. Transaction history: One of the most common uses is to track the status of transactions. You can input a transaction ID, and the explorer will provide information about where it is in the process of being confirmed, when it was confirmed, how much it was for, which addresses were involved, and other details.
  2. Address lookup: You can use a blockchain explorer to check the balance and transaction history of a specific address. This is often used for auditing and transparency purposes, such as verifying that a company has the funds they claim to have.
  3. Block exploration: Users can examine specific blocks, seeing when they were mined, who they were mined by, how many transactions they contain, and so on.
  4. Network statistics: Many explorers also provide overall statistics about the blockchain network, such as its current hash rate, the number of transactions per day, the current difficulty, and other details.


Here are some examples of blockchain explorers that are commonly used for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Cosmos:


  1. Blockchain.com Explorer: This is one of the most well-known Bitcoin blockchain explorers. It provides data on blocks, addresses, and transactions.
  2. BlockCypher: It offers a set of different tools for developers and detailed information about transactions, blocks, and addresses.


  1. Etherscan: This is a leading Ethereum explorer that offers a wide range of information, including transaction history, contract calls, token transfers, and more.
  2. Blockchair: It supports multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, and provides data visualization, transaction replay, and more.


  1. Solscan: This explorer allows users to search for transaction hashes, addresses, and other details about the Solana blockchain.
  2. Solana Beach: This is another blockchain explorer for Solana, which offers comprehensive network statistics.


  1. Mintscan: This explorer is designed for Cosmos blockchain and provides information about blocks, transactions, validators, and other Cosmos-related statistics.


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